Our Catering Process

New to the world of catering, or just wondering how we do things? Here is a rough outline of the process that we’ll go through together:

Step One…Your Turn!

Before you contact us, here are some helpful things for you to know:

Pick a Date.

The first step is for you to have a date or even a few decided on for your event. This is important so that we know if we’re available for you!

Big or Small?

The beginning stages don’t require an exact guest count, but it is helpful to know if you’re planning on inviting 50 people or 500 people.

Location, Location, Location

If you already know where your event will be, fantastic. We try to stay within 2 hours of the farm, but we may occasionally make exceptions.

Give Us a Holler.

Once you have a grasp on that info, contact us.  We admit, we’re not always the most rapid responders when it comes to email (we’re working on that!). We try to get back to everyone within a week’s time. If you’re in a rush or would like an answer faster, your best bet would be to call Kevin: 610-509-6829.

What Happens Now?

Next comes the fun part-the menu planning! We’ll schedule a meeting time to determine what kind of menu and services you are looking for.  We can do this by phone, email, or in person. (And yes, we’re willing to cook you some samples!)

Bing! Menu’s Done!

Once everything is settled, we’ll draw up a contract to make things official. We’ll set a deposit price (business standard is 50% of the total, but amounts may vary.)

So…Now What?

Now we wait. If your event isn’t going to be for several months, you may not hear from us for a while. We try to check back in with you about a month before go-time  to verify that there are no changes and to get a final guest count. Also close to event time, we’ll try to come out and visit the site and get more details (where we should park, what the layout is, etc). If you have any questions at all during this period, just give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

Go Time!

Good things to know about the day of your event: The remainder of your balance is due at the event. Also, everyone loves leftovers! We are happy to leave you with any food left, but we don’t always have enough disposable containers to do so.  Bringing your own containers would be extremely helpful. Just drop them off with us, and we’ll fill ‘em up for you.

Any More Questions?

If there are still some areas you have questions about, we’d be more than happy to answer them for you-just ask!

-Kevin & Sara